2020 Backdoor

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An inventory of an anonymized player (LilPeeperony), 2020.

The 2020 Backdoor is a backdoor that happened back in Early 2020 before Bob_dylanople gave up OpenAnarchy, giving out 32ks and other Illegals like Bedrock, Spawn Eggs and End Portal Frames.

History[edit | edit source]

Around March of 2020, Yelgab and Itaylo (Bob's Relative) went on Bob_dylanople's computer then made themselves OP, Creating bunch of Illegals like 32k Weapons and Stacked Shulkers, End Portal Frames, and Bedrock. This then got distributed to the whole server at the time. Bob_dylanople noticed it and had resetted some playerdatas that has Illegals in their inventory or Ender Chest. Rumors says that some Illegals are in unfound dupe stashes being distributed to 1/8 of the server regulars by a Group that maintains the Illegals.

Items that was created[edit | edit source]