First Incursion

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The First Incursion
"join our larp" -DryBreakfast

Date18th - 22nd Feburary, 2021
LocationNether 0,0
  • Nether Hub griefed
  • Nether 0,0 flooded with Lava
  • Creation of ASIC
pre-ASIC Bunch of Newfags
Commanders and leaders
  • NeonPlayer
  • BlokGames
  • DryBreakfast
  • ariescm
  • RokuNuka
No one notable.
Experienced in CPVP Large numbers of people
Nether Hub

The "First Incursion" is an incursion onto the Spawn and Nether Spawn, the actions are inspired from 2b2t's Incursions. It was started by a group that wants to prevent newfags from escaping spawn, started on 18th - 22nd February 2021, It began with flooding the Nether 0,0 with Lava and then the incursion ends. This "First Incursion" is thoroughly a joke on purpose and no one really cared about them.

Anti-Spawn Incursion Clan (ASIC)[edit | edit source]

ASIC is one of the major clan in the server, infamous for their griefing of many bases like the Redmi's DuckX Republic Base. the members of the group started from being part of the "First Incursion" into against unoriginal and inspired Incursions. This causes minor conflicts between ASIC and the Miegoreng Clan and the DuckX Republic since they support these "incursions".

The continuation of unnecessary incursions[edit | edit source]

More players are coming into the server slowly, most of them are heavily influenced by FitMC's Videos. They are trying to make unnecessary useless incursions to be a "Big Name" in OA and call it as a major thing in OA. Some of these "incursions" are organized properly and really mean to make it as a major thing in the server, which then made the "Second Incursion".