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"A Minecraft client, often known as a hacked client, cheat client, or utility mod, is a modification to the game which offer modules, also known as cheats or hacks. These features are not in the vanilla form, or default form, of Minecraft. No clients are affiliated with Mojang, similar to most mods. As clients can give players an unfair advantage, the usage of them is against the rules of most servers and will get users banned."

NOTE: This page covers common hacked clients/utility mods and OpenAnarchy-based Clients.

Popular Clients

Widely used clients in the server, doesn't matter if it's uncommon in other communities.

  • Meteor Client - A free client that was made for overall use, It has Fabritone integrated and it's for 1.16. In Late-2020, The server lets people dupe with the IllegalStack plugin, which is meant to patch exploits but instead made one which is the dupe. Meteor Client had an Auto IllegalStack Dupe Module, making it one of the most used clients. Till March 2021, The server updated to 1.16.5. This caused alot of Impact and SalHack Users to change to Meteor Client making it one of the popular clients in OpenAnarchy.
  • Impact - "A free 1.12.2 client with built-in Baritone, an AI pathfinder bot that can automatically escape spawn." Since 2019, Impact has been one of the popular clients used in the server, most of the users are new anarchy players and Fitfags.
  • SalHack - A free 1.12.2 client made by Ionar2 which went open-source due to the unobfuscated jar being leaked. "Contains no XRay or search functions but is useful for beginner crystal combat." SalHack has been one of the popular clients used in the server aswell, most of the users are somewhat-experienced anarchy players.

Common Clients

Less popular clients in the server but common.

  • Wurst+2 - A formerly-private client that is normally used only for crystal combat by Travis. Wurst+2 went public in late September of 2020. Not associated with Wurst.
  • Wurst - A popular client by Alexander01998, occasionally recommended to new players. Before the 1.16 server update, Wurst is considered to be very outdated and ancient. After the 1.16 server update, most Wurst users changed to Meteor Client, even though Wurst has been developing the client for 1.16 that has useful modules.
  • Creepy SalHack - A SalHack-branch client. Basically SalHack but with more features, usually used for crystal combat, auto build, and auto IllegalStack dupe.
  • KAMI Blue - A free 1.12.2 client and open-source rewrite of KAMI which was historically known for having excellent elytra flight bypasses in the anarchy community, along with useful features and Baritone integration.
  • Aristois - why
  • Ares - why #2
  • Inertia - A free client by IKnowImEZ along with baritone integrated and viaversion built-in, it supports versions from 1.12.2 to 1.16. Previously called WWE Client, usually recommended to SalHack users as an alternative to SalHack.
  • Urmomia Client - A formerly private 1.16.5 Fabric utility mod for overall use, released to the public at 6th May, 2021. Originally made by honsda, now with PrepaidCode and other devs. Especially known for it's Dupe Assist module, the module is extremely useful to make dupe stashes quick before the dupe removal at May 7th, 2021.

Uncommon Clients

Clients that are barely known* to the community.

  • Phobos - A 1.12.2 client primarily designed for crystal combat, competing against Wurst+2 in their advantages of crystal pvp superiority. Rarely used by players because most believed that Phobos is backdoored.
  • gondal.club - gondal :troll:
  • Konas - strong client
  • Gamesense - A 1.12.2 client made by Cyber and Hoosiers, notable for it's HUD and rendering. Usually used in crystal combat by players.

Private Clients

Community Clients

Clients that's made especially for a community or a group in OA.

  • NekoHax - A Wurst+2 private skid client with modified combat modules, given to "testers" of the client.
  • Wurst- - A 1.12.2 private client based on Matrixanarchy made by 3rd, known for it's Auto Matrix Dupe module, which's source is open in 3rd's Github Page.
  • SajrasHax - A literal Phobos rename by BlackSAJRAS, made for the Miegoreng Clan and Team Chicken.
  • RaptorClient - A Gamesense rename made by RitomG.

Personal Clients

Clients that's supposed to be shared among the developer's friends or for personal use.

  • Plateau Client - A private client designed for Crystal PVP(?), Made by SWP360.
  • Sowlhack - A renamed client of Future Client by _sowl.
  • Predator+ - discontinued w+2 paste
Urmomia Client


(*), by "known" i mean it by actually knowing about it and not just acknowledge it.