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Welcome to the OpenAnarchy Wiki!

OpenAnarchy is a "friendly" anarchy server run on 1.12.2 Spigot software.

The IP is (as of December 2020) As of January 2021, there have been 75000+ unique accounts that have joined. OpenAnarchy's official Discord server:

Detailed statistics about the server can be found here:

The OpenAnarchy Wiki was created by TheUnknown20 in December 2019, Currently owned by Honsda.


History of OpenAnarchy

In the middle of 2017 Bob_dylanople created "TinyAnarchy", a 512x512 anarchy server. In July 2019 it was renamed and "OpenAnarchy" was created. On the 26th of July the map got deleted due to fluctis. Despite the problems this was still considered a golden age of the server. The server economy was stable. No players were too powerful and no dupes were active. 0 0 was relatively safe from spawnfags due to the low player count and large spawn radius.

The Server is then owned by daaaabears, and much historical figures (players lol) had became inactive.

as of 2021, January 22. qbasty bought OA, and the owner is now qbasty.

Where to begin?

OpenAnarchy Map in 4k Blocks Radius. (January 17th, 2021)


Even though OpenAnarchy is an anarchy server it doesn't mean that the wiki is also anarchy. Please use common sense.


  1. Doxxing people is not tolerated.
  2. NSFW Content is not allowed, if you post once you won't get to access the wiki anymore.
  3. Please respect each other's contribution, and discuss politely for a problem.
  4. imagine griefing lmao

NOTICE : If you don't login your IP Address will be visible to the public, admins can't do anything about it.